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The story of Olio Cento started more than one hundred years ago, when the fundation stone of the farm was laid.

In 1899 Mr Del Gaudio, the first owner of the farm from San Marco in Lamis (a small town in Gargano National Pak, on which there is the farm itself), started to build the manor, in the middle of 120 hectares of land, all to graze the flocks.

In 1924, Angelo Centola, our great grandfather, got the manor to focus on his passion, cultivate the land and staying close to his entire family.

The first cultivation planted was a field of almond trees, still steady in the manor. A plantation of an olive grove followed in 1948 and was completed in1956 with the help of all the family.
It’s now made of about 1200 trees spread on 28 hectares.

Grandpa Angelo was able to convey his love for land to Donatantonio, who chose the red color of the house, and who forwarded this love to our father, Michele, that proud of the work of his father and his grandfather, forwarded it to us.

Since 1956 our family cultivates with passion this olive grove, waiting with patience in the silence of the fields, the harvest period without changing in any way the course of time.


The Farm

The farm covers about 100 hectares, hilly and flat.
On the flat part, in addition to the large olive grove, we cultivate wheat, oats, citrus fruits, tomatoes and other vegetables.

The hilly part is a natural background of the olive grove, of the great expance of wheat and of the red manor, nearby there are the remittances and stables, which once housed horses, cattle and sheep.

There’s a hen-house too, and a small vegetable garden for the needs of our family.

When it’s time to harvest, the olives are harvested meekly and carried to oil mill, where they are milled in the harvest same day, to avoid the acidification of the oil.

Some able pruners, who since many years take care about our plants, with their hands cut treetops and ensure the plants to produce more high quality olives during the following years.

The oil mill

For many years we have carried our olives to the same oil mill, as we do not want the quality to be damaged from a bad milling.
We wait the milling at the oil mill and we immediately test the result.

The olive grove

The olive grove is about 28 hectares and it is planted on 9x9 drawing.

It means the plants have been planted in parallel rows 9 meters away from each other and the occupy the vertices of a square whose side is 9 meters.

This, according to our great Grandpa Angelo, guarantees more sunlight to treetops and no competition against trees for water.

Our one is a multivarietal grove, and it produces different olives qualities like the ogliarola one, leccina one, peranzana one, e coratina one.

For more or less 100 years  we have produced our oil in the same way.

The multivarietality of olives gives to oil a  gold-enameled green colour and fresh scents.
It has a delicate taste, but full-bodied and rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

Thanks to the care we take in harvesting, the oil keeps well all the characteristics the olives have before milling.

Gargano is the perfect place to cultivate the olive trees, because of its natural ground, climate and spontaneous mixed herbs.

Our Olive oil, remarkable for richness of color, aroma and taste, is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, rich in vitamins and serotonin.
We do not use chemical treatments to cure the trees, we patiently await the collection day and consume the same oil we sell. The guarantee of our quality.
All 2664 olives used to make a bottle of oil are the result of waiting and tradition.


Historical hints

Gargano olive oil, food of the immortals, as ancient Greeks called, has very old story.

It seems that the ambrosia, eaten by Gods, along with nectar, was the olive oil and was used to heal, to perfume and to anoint the heroes and winners in races.

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